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Pickering Wartime Weekend

The last event of the year and the best if you like a warm, comfortable billet with toilets and washrooms next door, shops and, most important of all, pubs close by.

We had a quite a few turn up on Friday, so we sampled a few beverages in town. Woke to rain Saturday morning but luckily it cleared when the dining shelter and kit were set up.

This year we attempted the “D-Day landing craft storm the beach, destroy the gun emplacement” scenario. This actually takes only a minute and a half, so we did a walk-through first, followed by a mistake and being “told off” by the Sarge. With the pyros and blank firing, it turned out to be quite a spectacle for us and the public.

The weather just got better and better and we were down to shirtsleeves by the afternoon. In the evening we all turned out in uniforms of various guises including three Sergeants. Of course, we only have one official Sergeant!

Sunday morning and due to unforeseen circumstances we were a few men down but had a couple of new arrivals. The weather, as forecast, was dismal with rain till around 1.00pm so equipment needed to be covered but as  the public turned up for the first scenario, we didn't disappoint them. Fortunately, the weather improved later and the sun came out, so everything had time to dry out before packing away.
We were visited by ex-group members and familiar faces from previous years such as the two Dutch chaps and the three young Scottish RAF cadets.

We'd like to thank all the public and re-enactors who came to see us on both days.
And that's that for this year. This year has been unusual, with some events not happening, e.g. Rufford Abbey, and with some new events, e.g. Spetchley Park, but as a group we adapt and keep “soldiering on”. Roll on next year!
Pte Glen Cooper

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