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Pickering, Yorkshire 2012

We had a good turnout for this, our last show of the year. We put on a display and had a training exercise twice a day. The castle makes a pleasant backdrop to both activities and is a haven of quiet during this very busy event. As always English Heritage accommodate us in the school room which makes a comfortable if cosy billet. On Saturday evening some of the braver element of the group ventured into town for a modest imbibement returning several hours later in a most humorous frame of mind. The weather was good on both days and we had a reasonable audience for the training exercises. At the end of each exercise Private Heaton gave a most knowledgeable talk on British Kit.

Photo's from this event can be seen here


21 Gun Salute

Report from Michael Lycett.

This is a one off event for the unit. 
Held by Mike Peacock of 25 pounder fame. The event was supposed to be held in Leeds to mark Her Majesties something or other, but due to the enviable organisational skills of Leeds city council it was held in a field next to a pub in a small village called Eccup. The idea was to fire a 21 round salute for the Lord Lieutenant of Yorkshire. We had been co-opted in to make up a short fall in man power. We had trained on the guns, sort of and I for one was full of confidence. Anyway we fired the salute and the Lord Lieutenant was mightily impressed and thought us all very professional. I thoroughly enjoyed becoming temporarily deaf, choking and blinded!!

More photos from this event can be seen here.


Victory Show 2012

This show is one of the major events on our Calendar. Dave Wilson and Andy Etherington run this event and also do most if not all the work. This year they had been promised some amour to enhance our display but unfortunately the amour couldn't quite get it together for the show. This left a big hole in the display but despite that the group won joint second for dioramas. Sometimes less is more.
Debbie heroically put on a one woman ATS display that was very effective nether the less and got a good deal of attention.
We got down there on Friday evening and with the tents erected we all retired to the beer tent. It was a glorious evening so we all sat outside and watched the fighter aircraft landing only a few feet away. It is worth going to this show just for that.

Some photos taken by Michael, which can be seen here.

In addition, some excellent photo's were taken by Andy Etherington, seen below.