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About Us

The aim of The East Yorkshire Regiment Living History Group is to authentically and responsibly portray elements of the East Yorkshire Regiment and preserve, restore and display vehicles, uniforms, period weapons and associated artifacts relating to the Regiment.

The East Yorks are one of the longest serving British Infantry re-enactment groups in the UK. We attend living history events mainly in the north and the midlands areas. The main focus of the group is the north-west European campaign of 1944/45 whilst also having the ability to display the East Yorks from the early war period. The group has been involved with many major events around the country including Kirkby Hall and Dover Castle. We have also put on displays for the Normandy Veterans Association.

As a group we have a vast collection of period uniforms, weaponry, field equipment, period tentage, cooking equipment and vehicles, all of which are used in our events. We also have a number of ATS personnel within the group to show the valuable role played by women in WW2.

We are in regular contact with a number of 2nd Battalion WW2 East Yorks veterans who support our aims in keeping their old regiment in the public eye.

We are a friendly bunch and always on the look out for like-minded people to join us. Why not come along and give it a try. Don’t worry if you don't have any kit, we will have spare kit to lend to prospective members.

For more information on membership, see our Membership page.


Nigel Hampson said...

Hi guys - I would like to get involved (I think!) but dont have any kit or equipment - could someone point me in the right direction as to A) How things work and B) What sort of kit and equipment did the regiment use?

Michael Lycett said...

Hi Nigel,
Thank you for your interest. We are always pleased to welcome new members.
Normally I would say come along to the next event, but as the season has ended it'll be some months before that is possible.
Once we are in kit at an event we function as a military unit with the Sergeant in charge. The kit is standard British Infantry Uniform. Either 37 or 40 pattern Battle Dress and a No4 Lee Enfield. We mainly re-enact D-Day and after so the No4 was more common by then.
It is not essential to have everything for your first event, as a group we have spare bits of kit that can be lent out to make you feel part of the group.
You can contact the Sergeant via the "contact us" tab on the website. He will be able to answer more specific questions.

Have you visited out Face-book Page? It is worth taking a look at.