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9th and 10th August 2014 - Crich, Derbyshire

Report from Michael Lycett
I set off from Leeds just as the rain started. By the time we got to Sheffield there was about a foot of water on the M1. I got a text from Adam, the only other person going down on Friday evening, to say he was having difficulty getting out of Castleford due to the river running down the main street. So we turned back with the intention of regrouping in the morning.
We arrived at the campsite in good time in the morning with Glen right behind us at the gate. We got togged up and headed across to the museum. We quickly formed up and set off up the high street. As soon as we stepped round the corner the photographs started. Walking up the road all kitted up is such a simple thing and always popular. So we went back down to the tram shed and sat on the edge of the platform and brewed up. Again a simple and popular activity. It also gave Glen the chance to try out his newly made "in the field" tin can cooker. We then had another walk up to the Bandstand, this time we kept going up the hill following signs to the "Sniper School". They certainly had a lot of kit. After an extended lunch we got ready for the walking out part of the day. Adam and Glen went back up to the museum and met up with Mr Cooper. So the three of them attended the ceremony up at the stand. We spent the evening sitting around a wonderful fire. We turned in with high hopes for the next day. I think that the rain arrived about midnight and kept up a steady deluge until morning. When I ventured out of the tent it was dry and almost sunny. Adam had had to re-locate to his car as his tent had failed its waterproof test and was cold wet and tired. I was tired as I had discovered that my plastic tent isn't really big enough for two adults and two kids. We agreed to wait an hour and see what happened and what happened was it started to rain which got steadily heavier. We made the decision to bail out. Not something I like to do. If I hadn't had the kids with me I might have stayed on. By the time I got packed away I was wet through and cold and tired and hungry. Breakfast at Tibshelf it was!! 

Photos are to follow.