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70th anniversary of the Sheffield Blitz

The event was the 70th anniversary of the Sheffield blitz. The East Yorks lads were in the city centre on the 12th Dec with a good display for the general public. Due to the interest that was generated, it was difficult to photograph the lads in action! Photos and text from Bill.

Pickering Castle 16/17th October - English Heritage

Here is a sampling of photos from the Pickering event held on the weekend 16/17 October with more viewable via the link. These photos were taken by Helen with more here. Recently received photos by Anna are viewable here.

Rufford 2010

The East Yorks put on an extensive display at Rufford this year. Here are a few photos showing different aspects of the weekend.

Follow this link for newly received photos taken by Anna here.

Embsay 2010

The event was well attended with a about ten men on both days. The weather was damp on Saturday but much better on Sunday. Due to the German paratroop alert we deployed the Bren team on the platform to cover the approach to the station along the track. At regular intervals a short section was sent on patrol checking station buildings and rolling stock. On Sunday a detachment was posted on the main entrance to the station yard, checking incoming vehicles and again the Bren team were deployed on the platform.
Dennis Peachy, Alf Acroyd and Vincent White all called in for a chat and a cuppa.  The dance on Saturday evening stood in for Pte. Hallet's stag night. Unfortunately the evening passed without incident. On the Sunday we were treated to an excellent flypast by the BBMF Lancaster.

Crich Tramway Museum 1940's Weekend

Once again we found ourselves at Crich Tramway Museum for the 40's weekend. This weekend has the added importance of being the Veterans annual get together. Most of the veterans arrived on Saturday morning and a pleasant if wet day was had by all. The veterans took part in the parade and then the ceremony up at the Stand. The ceremony was short and to the point but very moving. Doug did the honours with the cross. Thanks must go to Tony Bryan for the ceremony and to his pals the HD pipe Band. In the evening we retired to the Moss Cottage for a good meal and good chat over a beer or two. This year the veterans ate their dinner off the newly acquired regimental mess crockery.

Additional photos here

Leeds Rifles

The event was the Leeds Rifles Regimental Day and Bligny Day commemorative service. We provided a guard of honour for the arriving dignitaries including the Lord Lieutenant of West Yorkshire. We also posted the sentries at the memorial during the wreath laying. Afterwards we were invited back to Harewood Barracks as the guests of Colonel Jarrett, who himself was in the East Yorkshire regiment in Palestine in the intimidate post war period, for a very good meal. Colonel Jarrett has thanked us and was impressed by our efforts.

 Additional photos here.

Kelmarsh Hall, Leicestershire July 17th and 18th

Here are a few of the photos from Kelmarsh taken by Helen or Michael. Click on a photo to see it enlarged and follow the link here to see the addtitional photos from the event.

Ponderosa 10/11 July 2010

This is a relatively new event and appears to be growing with more displays each year. The 6 pdr was a great attraction and made an excellent centre piece to the display. The weather was good to us and made sitting in a hole for the weekend a most pleasant event.
Many photos where taken by Helen with more available here.

Richmond 2010

Here are some photos provided by Michael of the event. A good display and turnout with the addition of the cammo net to cover the weapons display. It was a very sociable weekend with plenty of banter with the other groups there.

Click on a photo to enlarge it.

Scarborough 2010

Whilst the weather could have been kinder the Scarborough 2010 event has been very successful. The East Yorkshire Regiment Living History Group is going from strength to strength with more members and a very professional and extensive display including radio equipment and weapons. The public watched invasion practices with pyrotechnics, weapons displays and a mock invasion battle with the East Yorks outnumbering and overwhelming the enemy troops. Here is a selection of photos with quite a few more available via the link below.

 Link to Bill's video

Click on a photo to see it full size.

More Scarborough 2010 photos

amd more photos here