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September 6th - 7th Victory Show, Cosby, Leicestershire

Report by Andrew Etherington

This year we decided to share our display with another group which greatly improved numbers. We had a radio group and a Vickers machine gun group made up of men from various units all portraying the Middlesex Regt in 3rd div '44. This all made a large display and we filled a very large area. Friday being open to schools whilst most groups set up their displays . During the hot day various people turned up and we all got stuck into putting trenches in and getting the tentage sorted out. Planes arrived just over the hedge and armour arrived all day as the atmosphere built. By evening things were coming together nicely and the forecast for the weekend was good. 
Saturday soon arrived and so did more men. During the day the 100% authentic display was added to with a couple of motorcycles and a BREN CARRIER. We soon took over the carrier and had it set dressed. 
I felt our display was one of our best; the carrier , two motorcycles , the radios , a bren pit , a 3" mortar pit , 4 vickers machine guns in pits and 20 plus infantry, too many to count. It really was a sight for sore eyes. During the day the planes were flying around very close to us. We took part in the battle on both days , which was standard for Victory Show. Something about the Germans being trapped in some pocket somewhere with spitfires and Hurricanes straffing them all day before we had to finish the job. Quite an experience to go into battle under spits and hurricanes and behind armour and with a vickers machine gun in support...."what did you do at the weekend " comes to mind. We also had a firing bren which despite its problems added to the authenticity of the chaos with so many people on such a small field. The show was very well attended by the public and we were kept busy all day and periodically fired our mortar. 
All the main groups had high standards this year and our display had to be ranked up there with the best. It was heartening to see us Tommies getting together and showing how it can be done. When other groups want to be a part of ours it should make us proud. I think we all enjoyed this, it really was immense and now the season is over we can look forward to the next. Thanks should go to all of us for this one because we all bought something to this event which however small made something quite big. So , thanks everyone , for putting the Tommy up there. Any ideas for next year lads ?

October 11th - 12th Pickering Castle for English Heritage, Pickering, North Yorkshire

Report by Dale Heaton

As usual, our annual trip to Pickering  Castle  was the our last event of the year. 
Some of us arrived on Friday evening and we spent a pleasant hour or two in the pub before retiring for the night. Saturday dawned cold and misty but soon cleared up and became a lovely warm sunny day.

Our displays and activities went very well and we had a good attendance for both our infantry section in training displays and 'show and tell' lectures. This I think was because English Heritage have at last realised that they needed to get us included in the event itinerary so the public know where we are and what we are doing. L/Cpl Heaton was given the opportunity of commanding the section on both section training displays and has clearly been paying attention to what the Corp and Sarge do. Well done Adam.

Saturday night was the usual bun fight in town but in the spirit of years gone by, some of us wore something in keeping with the period rather than retreating into modern comfortable clothes. For the first time in 34 years I shaved off my moustache so I would be accurate to portray a Royal Navy deck officer.
Sunday was pretty much a repeat of Saturday but with a few more people kindly turning out to support the unit and to help make another good day.
All in all this was a very successful and enjoyable weekend. We had a great reception and a lot of interest from the public. English Heritage was very pleased and said they had record attendance for any one day with over 600 through the gates on Saturday and a total of 1154 for the weekend.
A very successful finale to another successful year.  

September 27th - 28th 1940s Living History Weekend, Rufford Abbey, Nottinghamshire

Report by Glen Cooper

Really looked forward to this one. Not too far for me, a great setting and a nice pub! Got there Saturday morning to find we had been positioned next to the event field and next to a Stuart tank. I decided that, for the first time, I was going to camp in the big tent (earplugs on hand!). I was told by those who stayed Friday night that it had been ‘B!&&*^ freezing’. Weather for both days was really good for the time of year. This obviously brought out the crowds as we were told there were queues on the main road to get in. Our drill presentations for Churchill and Monty were spot on considering we don’t do much of it in the year. 
The training scenario included the 3 inch mortar which gave the public a few big bangs. I carried my Bren and had to make the noises myself! The ladies presented a semaphore lesson that attracted quite a lot of interest from the public. Saturday night, a swing band entertained in the marquee playing those well known 40s tunes (Batman theme?). It was left to Bill and I to frequent the local public house, down a few beverages, be subtly persuaded to leave, then negotiate the deep, dark woods back to camp…to find Adam and Dale still supping! Saturday night was warmer. My earplugs kept out the clang of the bells every hour until seven and a nice ‘wind’ blew through the tent! Sorry guys!
Considering a few years ago the council were looking at finishing this event, with the turn-out this year, On the Home Front will carry on for many years to come.