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Driffield Vintage Show 29th May 2017

The Driffield Vintage Fair is only on on the bank holiday but we were able to arrive on the Sunday evening to set up camp. By the time I got there Dave H and Christine and Alex had the set up well underway.
The sky was a little overcast but the evening was mild and dry. After some food we sat under the dinning shelter, drank beer ate crisps and put the world to rights.
It was raining when we got up in the morning but gradually clearing. By the time we had breakfasted and got into kit the rain had stopped. We were joined by new member Keith. He was quickly kitted out in spare kit. We were soon answering questions with a constant flow of interested public. There was a great deal of interest it the East York's and their role on D-Day. It is sad that even in the regiments heartland their history is not well known.
The day passed quickly and the weather held so we got the tentage down dry. Always a plus point.
This event is quite relaxed and although we made the usual efforts for authenticity we were next to an old music organ. The owner of which parked his very large John Deer behind the tentage. However it is the interest in the East Yorks that makes this event worth attending.

York Army Museum 14th May 2017

On Sunday the 14th we put on our second display for the York Army Museum. The museum is the regimental museum for the East Yorks so it is a pleasure to be able to support them.
We all turned up in good time to get the display ready. The site had been occupied by the local goose community who didn't look like they wanted to move. However, once we started to erect the dining shelter they decided that it was time to move on.
The museum had offered to cover the cost of parking in the very expensive Tower car park. This turned out to be about £20 per car for the day. I think we had eight cars to park which to my mind was far too much to ask the museum to pay. The pressure was somewhat relieved by the York Hilton Hotel who very kindly managed to find space for a couple of cars.
Joining us this year we had the Howarth home guard WR28. They had managed to liberate a couple of Yank Jeeps to make the journey to York.
All in all the display was much bigger than last year and we received a great deal of attention from the public. What is interesting about this event is that the public are just people passing by. Having said that there is no shortage of interest. Ed and Andy had to miss the both the starting parade and the end parade due to a constant audience at the weapons display.
The museum provided Tea, and as it was the museums birthday, cake. In fact so much cake I don't think it all got eaten.
We had a really good turnout for this event. We had ten on the display and the Howarth Home Guard had another six or seven. Our new member Rob Pie brought his M20 motorbike which also received a lot of attention. There was also a male goose that was protecting its nest that was in a small raised flower bed just outside the Hilton. The goose was causing a bit of a problem and soon fell under the protective custody of the Sarge. People kept trying to shoo it away which provoked a very hostile reaction, several people getting a nip. We watched in disbelief as a lady tried to walk her Weimaraner dog passed the goose, fortunately, she had the dog on a short lead and was able to separate them quickly. I don't think the dog will forget that encounter in a hurry.
The weather was kind and we had the odd drop of rain but other than that a fine and sunny day.
One minute's silence was observed at the starting parade in memory of our dear friend Alf Ackroyd who sadly passed away earlier this year. Alf was a great man and friend to the unit. He will be greatly missed.

Craven Arms

"This was our first time at the Craven Arms and our first event of the season, a nice little pub in the Yorkshire dales.
we set up our mortar display at the bottom of the field and through saturday carried on woth set dress, the rain killed the day at about 13.30.

Sunday was better weather and PTE Klewjnoff  was needed to capture a German spy, he later along with CPL Heaton took part in a bridge capture so a vehical convoy could cross.

After the excitement it was time to pack up and set off home."

CPL Heaton