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Driffield Vintage Show 29th May 2017

The Driffield Vintage Fair is only on on the bank holiday but we were able to arrive on the Sunday evening to set up camp. By the time I got there Dave H and Christine and Alex had the set up well underway.
The sky was a little overcast but the evening was mild and dry. After some food we sat under the dinning shelter, drank beer ate crisps and put the world to rights.
It was raining when we got up in the morning but gradually clearing. By the time we had breakfasted and got into kit the rain had stopped. We were joined by new member Keith. He was quickly kitted out in spare kit. We were soon answering questions with a constant flow of interested public. There was a great deal of interest it the East York's and their role on D-Day. It is sad that even in the regiments heartland their history is not well known.
The day passed quickly and the weather held so we got the tentage down dry. Always a plus point.
This event is quite relaxed and although we made the usual efforts for authenticity we were next to an old music organ. The owner of which parked his very large John Deer behind the tentage. However it is the interest in the East Yorks that makes this event worth attending.

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