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Soldier’s Service History Records
The East Yorkshire Regiment Living History Group does not hold or have access to individual soldier’s service records.
All military service records are held by H.M. Government.
These records can be accessed by the next of kin or for research purposes.


vossbark said...

I have some East Yorks regiment items for sale, posted on Ebay at:


in case some of your members are interested.

Anonymous said...

If anyone is interested in an old army canvas rucksack I have been given one to sell for an animal rescue centre.It is a heavy framed rucksack and am told it was in use in the 40s. I live in Leicester but my family are in the south yorkshire area. I would like a small donation for the rescue centre for it.
I can be contacted on email m.toach@ntlworld.com

John Pope said...

I have a campaign chest that refers to the East Yorkshire regiment.
The name on the chest appears to be
W Whitehead, there is a first initial but we can no longer read it. No date on the chest
Can you supply and information about this person.

Anonymous said...

Good afternoon,
I would like to formally invite you to attend the Haworth 1940s weekend next year. The event will be held 17th, 18th May and will be the second year that we are raising money for SSAFA. This year we raised £19,000 for the charity.

Thank you

Best wishes


Stefan Pietrzak Youngs said...

Greetings to your members.

We have extensive databases on our site, including one on RAF Bomber Command which has over 73,000 records.

I am intrigued by a mention of several of your chaps killed on 15 August 1940, but there's no further information on what happened and why it should be part of the Bomber Command record. Does anybody have any info on this?

The names we have are

Corp F White
Private C Whittleton
Private T Round

If anyone has the story, we'd be honoured to publish it as part of our site.


Stefan Pietrzak Youngs

colin hardy said...

Hi my name is colin hardy I am the maintenance man at the school the kids are doing a word war 1 expedition on the 11 of November and we are looking for some help wold you be interested in doing something for us I have tryed several times to ring you but with no luck can you please ring or reply to me thanks