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Harrogate, Valley Gardens 2013

This year the weather was dry and sunny, we were situated between the Home Front and the local MVT jeep display.
We had a small but interesting display which kept a constant stream of public coming to talk to us, a weapons and 14 man ration display.
Lots of familiar faces appeared to say hello, including some very interesting veterans, a mosquito pilot and ATS lady, with lots of photos and artefacts.

This year the public turnout increased to 28,000 which indicates how popular the event has become. 

See photos from this event below.

We will remember them.

"Between 04.30 - 0600 hours, the assault landing crafts were lowered from the Empire Battleaxe and HMS Battleaxe, just after 0600 the seven mile journey to the beaches began .
At 07.25 the East Yorkshire Regiment landed on Queen Red beach, where heavy mortar, machine gun and Artillery fire was encountered. A and B companies supported by tanks were to break through the beach obstacles, A coy along with C coy of the 1st South Lancs attacked strong point cod, B coy moved inland to assault strong point sole, with C coy in support.
The next objective was the Daimler battery (D and C coys).
Both strong points cod and sole were out of action by 10.00am and Daimler was out of action by 18.00 hrs (70 prisoners)
The East Yorks were relieved by the KOSB, and spent the night in a cornfield near to Hermanville.

By the end of D Day, the East Yorks had lost 5 officers and 60 men killed - the wounded numbered 137."

On this 69th anniversary of D-Day, please spare a few moments to remember the fallen, the fallen officers and men of our regiment, and those lucky men who made it. 

Always remembered, never forgotten.

Brodsworth Hall, English Heritage Home Front Weekend, Doncaster May 2013

We were engaged by English Heritage for three days over the late May bank holiday.  The Group was allocated the beautiful and secluded location of the archery range.  The idea from English Heritage was that that visitors would happen upon us whilst exploring the gardens and then un-expectantly be taken back in time.  

As we were the only group in this location we could be, as usual, totally authentic and indulge in creative living history without any modern distractions.

The scenario was that we, as invasion trained troops, were being used as instructors for a course on irregular warfare.  Our task was to give introductory lectures on the subjects that the students would be trained upon.  At the same time of we were to assess the student’s suitability as recruits for the Special Operations Executive.
Lectures, mostly lasting about half an hour, were given on a wide range of topics.  The lectures covered explosives, weapons, first aid, codes and ciphers, ‘know your enemy’, memory tests and unarmed combat.  The students (portrayed by members of the group) entered into the spirit of the event, especially the ladies who were soon trying things they had not had opportunity to do before.  The sight of the ladies at the firing point was almost as pleasing as their participation in the un-armed combat.
The weather stayed very pleasant and undoubtedly the unbroken sunshine over the three days helped make the event a great success.  All participants did a great job and we now have another winning scenario to add to our repertoire.
Report by David Cooper
More photos from this event can be seen here.