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Rufford Park Sunday photos

Here are some photos taken by Helen on Sunday at Rifford Park. Some more are in the slideshow.

Rufford Park August 2008

The East Yorks were in a prominant position for the Rufford Park event which saw better than expected weather. There was an honour guard for the arrival of Prime Minister Churchill and Field Marshall Montgomery. The PM and Monty observed a joint open field training exercise with elements of the East Yorks, Duke of Wellingtons and field artillery in the afternoon.

Crich 1940's Weekend August 2008

Here is a selection of photos from the Crich 1940's weekend. An excellent dinner with the Veterans was a highlight of a successful weekend. Poor weather on the Saturday kept the crowds away but Sunday's fine weather made for a very enjoyable day. The first picture taken by Michael shows from L to R Veterans John, Topper, Harry and Horice in his jeep just prior to the Saturday veterans parade. Further photos can be seen in the 2008 slidehow. Click on a photo to see it full size.

Even more Ryedale pictures

Here are two photos from Darren from Rydale, including one of the 'murder victim' complete with caulk mark around the body. I hear Cpl Cooper was the culprit! Then we have just a few of the photos by taken by Ivan Shaw below.