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More Rydale photos and upcoming events

Here are some more photos taken by Christine.

Upcoming events are Crich 1940s weekend August 9/10th - where we will be doing our "infantry on the move scenario". The veterans will also be in attendance.

Following that will be Rufford Park (Nottinghamshire) August 16/17th.

Rydale Folk Museum 26/27th July

Here are two photos from the Rydale Folk Museum event 26/27th July which was a wedding and Murder Mystery Weekend. The first photo shows a sergeant and men of the second battalion have a break in the shade and the second the bride and groom on their big day.

Kelmarsh Hall Event Summary

This event saw us working with our old friends the Leicesters, the Devons and the Hampshires (all British infantry) and fielding about 30 infantrymen for the 2 public battles - which included a Bren carrier, Dingo, half track. The battle commenced with a parachute drop and included 1 spitfire and 2 ME108 aircraft in a simulated air attack. A well organised event all round and a chance to meet up with many old friends.

Most likely we will be at this event again in 2009. Photos from William

Coming up: Kelmarsh Hall and Rydale Folk Museum

The event this weekend is at Kelmarsh hall (Festival of History) - we will be presenting a "Infantry recruitment display" an equivelent of the modern army public relations teams - this event will see us working with our old friends the LHA, and in particular the Leicesters and the Devons (both are British infantry groups)

Following next is an event at the Rydale Folk Museum 26/27th July which will be a wedding and Murder Mystery Weekend. Sounds like it will be great fun.