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The Victory Show, Cosby, Leicestershire 2013

This years victory show , we decided to do something a little bit more difficult. By popular demand it was decided to do B.E.F, something we could all partake in with only small kit changes. Some of us were short on bits and bobs but these were generously found within the unit. The look was rough and digging in for one night retreating from Wulpen To Dunkerque. 
We dug our own slit trenches throughout the weekend , unlike most groups who have the digger. Props were prepared beforehand. Some of us went on the Friday to set up and eventually we had our area converted into a farmyard type area with shot down walls for cover and a tin shack shelter. The shack was our safety measure if the weather turned and was to be for wounded. Fortunately the weather was great. 
People were arriving throughout Friday and Saturday and we ended up with a good section of enthusiastic tommies. We went tactical from 9am through till 5pm and we were kept very busy. 
The public response was very good and public and re-enactors alike were very impressed. 
The air display was superb as was the battle. Really well done to those who went for it and I am sure we all feel it was worth the extra trouble. 
A special thanks should go to Dave Wilson , who spent a long time making props in his holiday time at short notice, and hired the bren too . 
Thanks Dave and the East Yorks for going that little bit further  We were approached by some other BEF to do something next year and also some vehicle owners . Also, thanks to Tim, who had a bit of trouble with his vehicle - well done for trying Tim! 
We look forward very much to next year!!

Report written by Andrew Etherington.

We have an excellent selection of photos from this event taken by Debbie, Martin and Russell. Some below and more to be seen here.

Rufford Abbey, Eventplan’s 1940s Living History Weekend, Nottinghamshire 2013

Our sixth year supporting this event and once again a great turn out. Always a joy to attend this event and an excellent time was had by all.

Below are some photos from this event.

Brodsworth Hall, English Heritage D-Day Training Weekend August, Doncaster

Our second event this year in the beautiful location of Brodsworth Hall for English Heritage, over another glorious weekend with a different scenario yet just as much fun. 
Photos from this event can be seen here provided by Martin and Debbie.  

History Live! 2013, Kelmarsh

Yet another fantastic year at Kelmarsh, a brilliant multi-period event. Photos from this event can be seen here.