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July 16/17th Kelmarsh Hall - Festival of History - English Heritage

This year saw the East Yorks sited up the Hill. This position gave us a good view over the rest of the site but a bit away from the public. There was some rain on Saturday morning. However the weather brightened up by the afternoon and the day remained warm and sunny. The battle on Saturday was chaotic and short due to the Boer War lasting longer than it should have! The battle on Sunday was much better. The timing of the pyrotechnics and aircraft was spot on making for quite a spectacle. It was good to see four full sections of British infantry on the field, with the help of the Spitfire beating up the Jerry positions, the Allies carried the day. All in all we had a good and enjoyable weekend.
Here is a selection of photos with more here.

Ponderosa 9/10 July 2011

This was the second year that the East Yorkshire Regiment Living History Group have supported this event. There was a good turn out from the 2nd Battalion East Yorks with numbers boosted by a temporary loan of men from the 5th Battalion. We had the six pounder to man plus another trench, but even so things were a little tight with every man at his post. The weather was mixed but generally kind to us, i.e. we got the tents down and put away dry.
There were two battles, one "Eastern Front" and the other European Theatre of Operations with skirmishes going on all day, on both days. The battle on the Saturday was a little chaotic with the usual complete set of re-enactment groups on the battlefield at the same time. However there was good use of pyrotechnics allowing the 25 pounders, at one side of the display area, to "beat up" the German lines at the other. Corporal Cooper and Private Hancock managed to make the 6 pounder fire in a very convincing manner surprising everyone including the owner of the gun. The battle on the Sunday was much better.
Unfortunately the layout of the display area was a bit confused and we weren't able to involve the ladies in anything other than the tea after the battle role. However their efforts were greatly appreciated by some very hot and dusty men.

Below is a brief selection of photos of the event, with many more here, and here