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July 19th - 20th Kelmarsh Hall, English Heritage, Northants

Report from Dale Heaton

Most of us arrived on the Friday evening for this highlight of multiperiod living history and were treated to a spectacular fireworks display of an electrical storm as it gradually moved overhead. 

Saturday started fine and sunny and we had an excellent spot which attracted much interest and intelligent questions from the public. It was nice to say hello to new member Chris Wharam who had made to effort to travel all the way from Brighton to be with us. Well done Chris and a good first effort with your kit.The day was punctuated by absolutely torrential rain showers.
The events of the day finished with our mock battle being a representation of the pincer movement between British U.S. troops catching the Germans at Falaise. It went well and was fortunately not too long bearing in mind the thick wool uniforms, all the kit we carried versus the 30 degree heat.
Immediately after we had to form up into a parade past the public and salute to all the units at the event. I noticed some units slipped away and did not take part in this. We did and it was a bit longwinded with lots of standing about in full kit under the hot sun. Lovely.

Next day was hot and sunny all day and was pretty much a repeat of Saturday. Again the public were there in droves and we were very well received. I got a chance to see the Romans in action and they were very good. I understand the WWII yanks in the wood were excellent also.
Our battle went better and concluded with a magnificent victory loop from a Spitfire right over our heads.

As we formed up for the final parade it was nice to see a sizeable group of chaps who were representing Sikh Sepoys of WWI. After another long stand around in the baking heat for the final salute to each other, it was time to PUFO.

Another great and successful weekend. 

Photos taken by Martin and Debbie can be seen here

May 25th - 27th Richmond Castle for English Heritage, Richmond, North Yorkshire

Report by Dale Heaton

Most if not all attendees arrived at the event on the Friday evening and were treated to an evening of torrential rain and thunderstorms.

Saturday dawned a little better and provided a day of sunny spells punctuated with very heavy showers. The public were about in decent numbers and there was much interest both our static and arena displays. This time we did the section attack on an enemy position scenario.

The second of our arena displays was in truth a little late in the afternoon at 4.00 and by this time the rain had returned and set in for the evening.

Just two ladies stood at the arena side as the time for our display arrived. I had thought about offering to refund their entrance fees if they would go away but no, just as in the Trevor Sharpe and the famous Coldstream Guards Band incident, the show must go on no matter how small the audience is. The result was the swiftest section attack we have ever done!

Two thunderstorms during the night interrupted the sleep of some but Sunday dawned much better. The shape of  the day was same as Saturday but without the rain which held off all day until the time to pack up came thus ensuring all the tentage went away wet!

All in all another very pleasant and enjoyable weekend in this magnificent setting notwithstanding the challenging conditions.    

Photos taken by Martin and Debbie at this event can be seen here

July 5th - 6th 2014 The Yorkshire Wartime Experience, Bradford

Report by Gary Hancock

I turned up on Friday lunch time expecting to find us in the same place as last year but discovered we had been ousted by the Germans and we had inherited their trenches. We were positioned at the end of the line with the 6pr. I thought the East Yorks would be busy digging trenches and filling sandbags but I had arrived too early and there was no one from the EY to be seen. Mike Lycett was next on the scene with tentage, which was unloaded and we set too spreading the trail on the 6pr. Assistance was received from the 5.5 gun crew to erect the tent before the Sarge arrived and beds were made. More people arrived through the night and the tent was well occupied by the morning. 
Saturday was spent filling sandbags and occupying the trench, with a battle at 4pm (ish). We had a Grizily parked behind us and a carrier belonging to FIRE next to us, Sunday was the same with the day spent talking to the public and eating. After the battle tents were taken down and packed away, sand bags were emptied and cars filled with kit. It was great to see Anna, who was looking radiant after producing another addition to the Lycett clan.
There was a great variety of vehicles and displays from a first war truck to a Reo and a trench system to a RAF fund raising stall, complete with fantastic pin badges. There were a few stalls selling the usual stuff that no one needs but seems to sell well. Overall, a great weekend.

Harrogate Valley Gardens, June 29th

Report written by Michael Lycett.

This is the forth year that we have supported this show held in the Valley Gardens Harrogate. We had a good turnout and did the usual show and tell display. Although this is a small one day show, we never stopped. We had a constant flow of interested public. New boy Dave Lazenby got togged up in combat gear and was just left to get on with it. From what I could see he did a fantastic job. The star attraction was of course Alf Ackroyd. Alf spent the whole day talking to Dale and Adam and Andrew and also answering many questions form the public. Many just wanting to thank him for what he did. It is always an immense pleasure to have Alf with us and to see him getting the recognition he deserves. Thanks have to go to Helen for organising the wheel chair and for Dale for looking after Alf.
Alf rang me to ask me to pass on his thanks to every one for a great day.