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Pateley Bridge 2016

I set off at around 6.30 pm. As I went up the A1M leaving Castleford behind, I entered a giant black abyss of a storm cloud, and I hoped that this wasn't what the weekend weather was going to be like. The further north I got, the more the weather brightened. By the time I had climbed the mountains to Pateley, the sun was out.
Tent up and bed made, we went to the pub. Saturday morning brought sun and the fabulous scenery of the Yorkshire Dales, by 10am the public had arrived. The scene was “HQ style camp" with Pte Pozniak's radio gear, 3 pup tents, the 14 man tent & dining shelter. The weapons, with the 3” mortar, Bren, P.I.A.T. and small arms were a great success with plenty of questions & interest. We all ate lunch together, thanks to ATS Mellor for doing the cooking.
Pte Roberts had an authentic shave and then gave Pte Klejnow a haircut.
Sunday was much the same with the addition of Pte Shelcock in the K2, which always gets a lot of attention. We even managed to put Pte Heaton in the back on a stretcher.
By 4 pm the show was winding down and we managed to get the tentage away dry. A great event and one for the book next year.
L/Cpl Heaton

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